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Katsushika Hokusai “PLAY w/ HOKUSAI”

2024.2.29(Thu) – 4.14(Sun)

The picture book “Hokusai Manga,” consisting of 15 volumes, was created with the aim of imparting one’s own techniques to the disciples of Hokusai scattered throughout the country. With its outstanding descriptive power and bold compositions, the diverse motifs depicted in the book influenced various artists both domestically and internationally. The impact of Hokusai’s work can be observed in the paintings of renowned masters worldwide, such as Monet, Degas, Cézanne, Gauguin, and Van Gogh.

Moreover, “Hokusai Manga” is said to be the root of contemporary “manga” and is also the etymology of the term, meaning “drawings made casually and aimlessly as one pleases.” Hokusai’s artistic and carefree style transcended the boundaries of picture books, becoming a bestseller in the Edo period that could be enjoyed by people of all walks of life, from commoners to daimyos, samurais to the wealthy.

In this exhibition, a selection has been made from “Hokusai Manga,” focusing on works where Hokusai’s playful side is prominently expressed, featuring artworks with strong artistic elements.

As the exhibition title suggests, pay attention to the spatial design within the venue, crafted to immerse visitors into the whimsical and diverse world that Hokusai painted with the spirit of playfulness.

The term “奔虎(hashiru tora)” used in the main visual for this exhibition is inspired by Toranomon, where the 〈art cruise gallery〉 is located. It is included in the thirteen volumes of “Hokusai Manga.”

The invaluable support for this exhibition comes from Mr. Mitsuru Uragami, the world’s foremost collector of “Hokusai Manga” and the owner of Uragami Sokyudo, a specialist art dealer of East Asian antiquities in Nihonbashi. Over the course of more than 50 years, he has collected a significant portion of his precious collection, which he graciously provided for this exhibition.

The opening direction was led by Mr. Masumi Sasaki of ART&REASON, while creative direction was undertaken by graphic designer/art director, Mr. Osamu Ouchi.

“In my perception, BAYCREW’S is a company that enriches the lives of people of all generations through fashion, dining, and furniture. When I compared this image of BAYCREW’S, which is significant to me, with the location of art cruise gallery in Toranomon, it became clear that featuring the popular art highly acclaimed worldwide (=’Hokusai Manga’), depicted by Japanese ukiyo-e artists, would be a meaningful and inevitable choice.”

nano/nano graphics Art director / Designer

Osamu Ouchi

Born in 1971. Graduated from Tama Art University, Department of Graphic Design. (Studied under the late Ikko Tanaka, and has created posters, graphics, and space design for MUJI, Shiseido, ISSEY MIYAKE, Salvatore Ferragamo’s 100th anniversary project, and many other projects that have become symbolic of the times. Ltd. was established in 2003. Ltd. in 2003, where he is involved in a wide range of activities from graphic design to space design. He is the general producer of the Matsumoto Architectural Art Festival, which he founded in Matsumoto City, Nagano Prefecture, and plans to hold every winter in the future.


Masumi Sasaki

Born in 1980. After graduating from high school and studying abroad at a university in California, he worked for a publishing company, an advertising agency, and then at Tokyo Gallery + BTAP, the first contemporary art gallery in Japan, before joining the launch of Fm. In addition to managing artists and planning and organizing exhibitions, he also operates ClubFm, a platform for selling and renting art online through a network of top galleries, exhibits art in window displays at commercial facilities, and provides art direction for hotels. He is also involved in art direction, exhibitions related to research projects by the Agency for Cultural Affairs, and the selection of paintings to be used in films.



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